Game 80- Perrywood AFC 2 Powick FC 3 22/04/2012

Well i have finally limped onto 80 game for the season , a big achievement but could have been alot more  but as ever in life things get in the way and at the moment its work. I have found it hard to get to games due to been exhausted but on this day off i decided to go to the Worcester District premier game of Perrywood (3rd) V Powick (5th).

I arrived just before kick off and noticed a black fella playing for Perrywood amnd thought i recognised him , and it was only when he got closer i saw he was only Paul Hall , ex Portsmouth , Torquay , walsall and Coventry City striker as well as Jamaica international. He was infact Perrywoods best player in this game , reading the game very well telling younger players to drop on and off people.

Paul Hall

Perrywood in the blue kit fell behind on 23 mins to the Powick 6ft 7ish strikers bobbleing effort. Powick bossed the 1st half but spurned alot of chances. Perrywood scored from the kick off in the second half , the ball played to Paul Hall who rifled it into the box and a player backheeled it in.

Powick them scored 2 in 2 minutes , the 6ft 7ish number 11 doing another bobbler into the bottom corner.Powick then attacked again and as Perrywood tryed to clear it the ball was intercepted and the player ran through and smashed it low.

Perrwood managed some hope from a corner the number 8 sticking his head on it to make it 3-2 but that was all the scoring for today, tempers got abit fraught at the end with hall and another player in a spat.

Attendance – Just me at 1st but rose to around 11

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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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