Game 49- Great Barr Rangers 1 Why Not Inn 4 09/03/2014

This game for me will not be remembered for me, for the football but for the chav with a can of lager in his hand that seemed to have a issue with me taking pictures of the game. I explained that i run my own football blog and after a moment of looking confused said “well you can’t be to careful”… Just what exactly should i be careful of? Every player on the pitch was aged between 20-40. Baffling.

I discovered this cup game by chance after deciding to have a stroll in Redhouse Park in Sandwell. Rangers in the blue took the lead after just 5 minutes, being awarded a penalty that was saved but the rebound was gently finished.

On the stroke of half time, Inn scored with a fierce effort. In the second half they made it 2-0 sending the ball into the bottom corner.
They turned up the heat for a third running into the right side of the box for a low cross finished from a yard. The fourth was another sent in to the low into the bottom corner.

Admission -Free Attendance -14
Match rating-4 (but knock off 3 for the prat)

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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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