Game 50 – Walsall Youth 0 Accrington Stanley Youth 0 15/03/2014

I have finally reached fifty games , its just a shame that it had to be this poor encounter. This game took place at Ray Hall Lane, home of the Birmingham FA. I arrived just before the 11am kick off , with the weather dry and sunny with a slight chill but more than tolerable.

I took my place the the Stanley dugout, which was in the shade. Walsall took to the field in their red strip and Accrington in a blue and yellow. I stood by Accrington manager Keith Brown who was very vocal , and seemed to enjoy nothing more than using swear words and calling his players c**** and even adding in the word lazy before the profanity when ever he could.

Accrington had the better of the first half sending many efforts over the bar but were useless in front of goal. There seems to be some annoyance amongst some followers that Ashmore who plays for Walsall is still yet to be offered a pro deal despite a assist rate of 11 and the next best in the squad being just four. The game was pretty poor in truth with one decent strike the whole game which came from Stanley that Walsall’s keeper did well to turn over , apart from that nothing much to write about except for a couple of tame efforts from Walsall who also had a goal ruled out for offside. A second dour 0-0 this season. The only bright moment was when a poodle type dog ran on the pitch and decided to lie on the pitch and took the referee and a player to remove it and get it back to the two young girls it belonged to.

Barking mad !

Barking mad !

Admission- Free Attendance-about 50 Match Rating- 2/10

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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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