Game 68 – Birmingham Citadel 2 Meriden Athletic 0 6/5/2014

Tonight, I went to Moor Lane in Birmingham for another freebie in the Birmingham AFA. I would of like to have done the MFA cup final at Walsall but as the money isn’t there and I am not feeling good at the minute.
I decided to do the Roaring Lions game tonight with Eggyhopper . but as we approached we were given some very strange glares by all the people on the side-lines so we decided to leave it as it seems our faces do not fit , so we walked to the game closest to my car ,Citadel against Athletic.

Citadel in the yellow were the better side from the off , although Meriden were decent they were awful in front of goal. Citadel took the lead on 21 minutes , sending a low angled shot into the bottom corner.
Eggyhopper tried to raise my spirits during the game with his jovial efforts. The weather was cool and cloudy but nice football until the cold wind came.

Half Time – Birmingham Citadel…1 Meriden Athletic…0

Meriden hit the bar straight from the kick off , running down the wing , sending in a cross that clipped the bar. Citadel then hit the ball, with a fierce strike. Athletic continued to waste chances though and ended up going 2-0 down, when the number 10 got his second , rounding the keeper and walking the ball into the net before being chopped down by Meriden’s keeper in a last ditch attempt.

Attendence – Free Attendance- 6

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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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