Game 11 – Uttoxeter Town 3 Stafford Town 1 25/08/2014


A good afternoons entertainment was had at Oldfield Sports Club on a very wet and murky bank holiday Monday. This was a new ground for me and I have attended this game with Leighavfc who I have to thank for taking me to the game today so thank you Leigh, it was very good of you. We arrived just on kick off in heavy rain and were greeted by a Cadbury style pavilion which housed the clubs bar. The ground itself is decent and has potential but without being very interesting. A railed pitch with two small stands at the back of the goal, one with seats and the other just covered standing. The rail round the pitch was very thick and had obviously come from the nearby racecourse.


Stafford in the red have had a poor start to the season but looked good in the opening minutes, being the more physical side but Uttoxeter soon came into the game and became the stronger side. There was a funny moment when the ball when the ball went out of the ground and one of the bench kicked another ball onto the pitch and duly slipped on his backside, to many chuckles .Uttoxeter had the first real effort with a volley that just missed the post. Uttoxeter took the lead on 38 minutes, from a deep cross from the right to the far post, James Curley scored with a diving header and clattered into the post injuring himself.


At the start of the second, the rain got heavier and as there was no room in the stands we got soaked amongst the sea of umbrellas brought by more organised and sensible people. Uttoxeter increased their lead with a superb solo effort , controlling the ball shaking off a challenge and  kneed the ball over the onrushing keeper. I have to mention though, that Stafford’s Scottish keeper was excellent today, keeping the score low and easily the best player in the Stafford squad today. Stafford got themselves back into it, when Alderson ran at goal, and after being blocked off from shooting the ball fell to Cresswell who finished. Within moments it was 3-1, I believe the player was Ritchie,  had the ball on the corner of the box and sent a low drive into the far bottom corner  despite the goalkeepers desperate dive into the wet turf. Stafford had a player dismissed late on for a second yellow.

WP_20140825_017  WP_20140825_005

Admission – £3  Programme – £1 ( a double issue for Saturdays game and today)  Attendance- I would guess around 120 ?

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