Game 40 – Nuneaton Town 0 Torquay United 0 14/3/2015


These two conference sides served up a very poor performance at Liberty Way this afternoon. I had been looking forward to this game for weeks to see one of the teams I follow , Torquay at a new ground for me, the James Parnell Stadium. I have to say I liked the ground although it did have a rugby feel to it, I then found out that they do ground share with Nuneaton rugby club. As I walked in after paying the £14 admission I brought a programme at a whopping £3 for a fairly low on content programme, although colour clubs like Rushall Olympics put this to shame.


I was really looking forward to seeing ‘The Gulls’. As I live so far away I do not see them often but I do follow south west teams.The only other time I saw Torquay was when they lost 2-0 to Birmingham City in the FA Cup in January 2006. Torquay have been on a bad run under Chris Hargreaves and find themselves in 15th place. Nuneaton are scrapping for their lives also under manager Liam Daish.


The James Parnell Stadium has a seated stand at one end, a big terrace behind on e of the goals as you enter, standing on the other and a small terrace at the far end, that is used for segregation when necessary but today there was no need , and I stood with crowd of Torquay supporters. I was accompanied to this game by PastySam and Eggyhopper who seemed to enjoy the day out. As for the game it was complete rubbish and not a good advert for Conference football. I do not go to many games but from what I have seen, I usually see better football further down the pyramid.


Torquay shaded it but only just , they were poor going forward, the bright spark was perhaps Courtney Richards in midfield. Briscoe looked overweight and sluggish, Bowman was very poor. Dawson at the back had no clue at all hoofing the ball to no one , and the left back Levi Ives at the back was clueless and out of his depth. Nuneaton were poor and for a team fighting for their lives will go down if they keep playing like this. Their best player by a mile was Theo Streete , who commanded the back with towering headers and I am sure they would have lost if not for him.Both sides have a severe lack of confidence and were so frightened of losing sat behind the ball for long periods with no desire to really attack.


In the dire first half there were just were just two great chances. the first  came from Nuneatons Rob Ogleby who’s long distance shot was beaten away by Martin Rice in the Gulls goal. The next was the chance of the half by Torquay’s Richards who had a long distance drive tipped over by Crocombe. In the second half things were delayed for a while after a serious injury to Angus Macdonald who left the pitch to applause. Torquay pushed for a winner but couldn’t get anything on target. Martin Rice in the Gulls goal made a error at the end ,doing a air kick and rushed back to his goal as it was creeping in but fortunately the ball was put out for a corner.

Admission -£14  Attendance -862  Prog -£3

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