Game 13 – Tipton Town 0 Cadbury Athletic 2 15/8/2015

aug15 029

Tipton Town crashed out of the FA Cup at the very beginning as they were beaten by Midland League one side Cadbury. This game was a last minute decision,and being heavily influenced by Eggyhopper, I found myself back at this ground, which to be honest, I really do not like. The running track is a absolute pain , to be honest , if you go over the far side the dugouts block your view wherever you are.

aug15 032

This was of course the very first stage of the FA Cup and after I had taken a week off from football last week I was keen to get back in the saddle.I had wanted to go to Halesowen V Colwyn Bay but as Eggy failed to bring enough money that idea was out the window. Cadbury in the purple were stronger from the off and took the lead after just 3 minutes. A bobbling pass to the far post was turned in from close range.

aug15 036

Tipton attempted to fight back but often found themselves stifled by a strong Cadbury midfield. I listened to Plymouth Argyle’s defeat to Portsmouth on my phone throughout.At half time , I sampled a burger from the burger fan , that was average at best. My bug bare is when people walk in without paying though and there was plenty of that, after officials had closed the gates , the gate opened relentlessly with whole families  walking in, just a bit of a micky take to people have paid their hard earned money to watch a game , when others can just stroll in , but that’s it rant over.   The sun was strong and bright though and made conditions good for a competitive second half. The game was killed off though when Cadbury’s number 11 , was set up and after controlling the ball, coolly slotted into the bottom corner. Good Luck to Cadbury.

Admission – £5   Attendance – Not sure probably rose to 120,paying customers though 50 ?

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4 Responses to Game 13 – Tipton Town 0 Cadbury Athletic 2 15/8/2015

  1. They’re on my wish list for 2016. Always been intrigued by them since seeing one of their badges on the Ceredigion Hop.

    Going to turn up to one of their games with £20 worth of chocolate and just get fat watching them play.

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