Game 14 – Boldmere Sports and Social 1 Inkberrow 2 22/8/2015

aug15 016

Weeks in the planning , and sadly it all fell apart.  Today, it had been my intention to go to Northampton Town V Plymouth Argyle, with my brother and Pasty Sam. Sam dropped out at the start of the day choosing to do Worcester City instead and then my brother cancelled in agony , with an abscess that meant emergency treatment and a tooth out. After that I didn’t fancy going on my own and instead decided to just stay local instead, at least a game is a game  so I ended up at this Midland Division 3 game.

aug15 017

Both sides had lost their opening game’s of the season but both sides started the game quite relaxed in the humid heat. Boldmere in the red and black ,started to carve out some chances though and were ahead on 12 minutes, after a first effort was blocked by a defender on the line , the ball rolled out to a waiting poacher who smashed the ball into the roof of the net.

aug15 022

It could have got worse on 16 minutes when Boldmere were awarded a penalty, there was a let off though however as Inkberrow’s keeper made a fine save,getting down low to his right to keep the score down. On 35 minutes it was 1-1, from a corner Inkberrow struck and fierce shot that hit the bar and bounced down , the goal was given.  The rest of the half was quite tetchy, both sides whinged and whined. Eggyhopper, brought me a pint just before half time.We were then approached by a Boldmere official who told us we could not stand by the pitch with a drink and must stand behind the fence, to which we were both annoyed. The man approached us again later and said he was sorry to say it but they had been in trouble with the league recently for letting alcohol be drank by the pitch.

The second half was pretty dull to be honest, the storm clouds rolled in and thunder started to boom. The crowd was also very sparse with just 7 people in attendance.Inkberrow began to control the game and scored the winner near the end , as Inkberrow had bags of time after shaking off a shoddy challenge, the player then strolled before rolling the ball straight down the middle of goal. The rain began to fall , and with just a minute left I returned to my car. Next up my 15 game of the season.

Admission – Free  Attendance -7

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