Game 44 – Tipton Youth 1 West Bromwich United 4 17/12/16

What a shower this was and for me never again. After getting home I looked for a game, and spotted Tipton Youth on the FA full time site advertising a 3pm kick off so off I set. Tipton play at the RSA Academy around the corner from Tipton Towns ground. I found the a large group of spectators, maybe 30 or so already there what I did not know is that the game had been moved forward to 2pm so I only saw the second half and that half was 1-1.

The pitch is a dreaded cage job that you cannot go inside so I had the headache of looking and trying to take pictures through squares. For me that was not the worst part , it was the general Ill feeling that was at this ground today, the game was bad tempered, some fouls were blatant, the young referee was constantly abused by players and staff, and for me it’s the latter that were the worst . Ok , West Broms bench were quite foul mouthed but it was Tipton who let themselves down the most, some burly chap having a go at a bunch of Polish chaps behind them , one who was drinking with “I’ll f****** throw you out this ground myself”   then hassling the linesman after they kept arguing the referee stopped the game again.  As the Polish people moved on, the bench shouted you can see why we want out of the EU . I just found my whole visit here wholly unpleasant and in my years of groundhopping this was probably the worst yet.
As for the football,  well West Brom bossed it , making it 2-1 hooking the ball into the top corner. It was 3-1, shooting low from edge of box in far corner. The final goal came at the end cutting in from the left, rolling it across the box for a tap in.

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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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