Game 48 – Studley 1 Cadbury Athletic 1 31/12/16

Yo Yo Yo

After the Highgate game, and while most hoppers headed to Leicester, I visited Studleys Beehive ground 8 miles from Highgate. In truth, it’s a decent little ground boasted a decent covered stand and a 3g pitch beyond. Only 3 sides are accessible though due to the poor state of the standing behind the dugouts. It also has a decent clubhouse snd serving hatch that does just 5 types of cuisine but the chips I had were alright.

Studley are league strugglers at the moment , one off the bottom only being kept off by the hapless Southam, Cadbury are Mid table but you would not have believed that today as Studley battled in a fine performance. Cadbury had ex Bromsgrove man Odane Barnes -upfront and he seems to have put on quite alot of timber since those days big he had a poor day spending g most of the game face down on the floor, slightest contact and he was down.

I walked to the other side of the pitch so I was alone and Cadbury decided they couldn’t keep the ball on the field and wanted me to keep getting the ball,  3 times in 45 seconds was taking the pee to be honest, but when Cadbury’s number 11 decided to shout yo yo yo at me then pointing at the ball like I was a dog, well enough’s enough get your own ball.

Studley in the dark blue took the lead on the stroke of half time,  Gareth Evans sending a low trundling effort rolling past the outrushing keeper. I noticed Studley’s manager was ex Bromsgrove boss Keith Draper,  the last time I saw him he was having a massive meltdown with a fan at Pershore some years ago.
Cadbury equalized in the 58th minute through Stuart Cooke’s cross come shot that flew off the wing into the far side of the net. Studley never looked out of it and made some fine moves  but Cadbury hung on. Decent ground , two new grounds to finish the year but both games of football were poor today . Happy new year 

Admission – £5 Programme -50p (poor)  Attendance -39

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