Game 69 – Paget Rangers 2 Alvis Sporting 2 7/3/2017

Last night, I attended Church Road for this high ranking game in the Midland League Division 2. Alvis are sitting in 2nd place while Paget have had a decent season to in 5th. I don’t do many night games due to work and being up at 4am every morning also I can never get decent pics due to the floodlights.

There was a cold wind blowing around that made the night feel colder than it really was and for the first half I stood by the dugouts. Paget in the amber strip took the lead on 12 minutes when Daniel Carter struck the ball into the bottom left corner from 12 yards. Alvis had to rely on a penalty to get back into the game after a silly challenge, Michael Quirke stepped up with the finish.Much of the rest was all high and wide shots.

The second half was much of the same,  but Paget were shocked immediately after half time, as Alvis sent a low cross off the right and Linton buried the ball from a couple of yards out . Paget were involved in a goalmouth scramble that lead to a Alvis player using his arm to block the ball, he was duly sent off. Mark Bellingham stepped up yo score his 600 and something goal of his career ( the man has a few to his name). All in all a fair result sorry about the rubbish pictures.

Admission £3   Attendance – unsure 100 ?


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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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