Game 78 – FC Elite 3 KGB Allstars 5 2/4/2017

A hard fought and sometimes tense affair was played at Twickenham Playing Field’s in Kingstanding, Birmingham this morning in the Senior Amateur League.

KGB leapfrogged FC with this win in their ding song derby as both sides share this ground. Elite seemed quite a yob bish side at times and some factions didn’t take kindly to losing, not helped by a poor referee who was being assessed.

KGB in the green took the lead on 10 minute’s,  from a free kick off the left that sailed in from 25 yards. Elite equalised from the spot but never looked comfortable after that. KGB swept in from a one on one to make it 2 1.

Elite equalised again from a free kick into the box that sat up and was met on the half volley. KGB scored a volley of their own for a 3rd before making it 4 2 from a low driven free kick that deflected off a defenders boot.

Things all went lairy after that a’s Elite got dirty , kicking a player in the back while he was down, both players got up lots of swearing and threats before both were given a yellow. Elite also made a challenge from behind that the poor referee let go again.

KGB made it five , when a five drive came down off the bar, the keeper lost all his bearings and the ball was bundled home. Elite managed a late consultation at the death from a corner, a first effort off the bar came back for a simple 5 yard finish.

Attendance – 40ish


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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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