Game 96 – Nineveh FC 2 Niger FC 2 5/5/2017

I know a lot of people reading my blog will probably raise their eyebrows when they see this on my blog , as Pastysam would say … serious barrelscraping , but it wasn’t about that tonight. It was about going to watch my workmate,  Gambia’s finest export Ali Trawally play.

He plays for Nineveh in the yellow strip but I cannot give you much information as I know literally nothing about the sides, league they play in etc. The game was held at Birmingham City.

Ali Trawally

Nineveh took the lead on on 35 minutes, after a finger tip save, the loose ball was buried. Five minutes later,  a free kick off the wing was whipped in to the back post and was met with a Bullet header.

Nineveh always seemed to have a slight edge and took the lead from a corner which was nodded in. The green team managed to take the game to penalties from the penalty spot. The game went to penalties we went to the front and soon gathered around by a very large number of Africans who went mad after Niger had 2 soft penalties saved which sparked a pitch invasion that the 5 stewards on duty could do nothing about. Well done Ali who won player of the season trophy as well. 

Attendance – 160ish

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