End of Season Review 2016/17

Well in my eyes this has been a stellar season, not only did I beat my all time record of 84 games in a season, I also beat 100 with 43 grounds along the way. I have enjoyed it and it did take quite a lot of time and resources to hit the treble figure target . I am not sure if I will do that many again for a good while. As a few will know I have 2 young kids and work 40-50 hours a week and up at 4am everyday isn’t easy.

This season has also left me pondering the future of the blog , In recent months I have found it more difficult to find time to update it, with sometimes me uploading a report 2 or 3 days after the final whistle and that was something I was never about, it was about first fast now. . Sometimes I feel I keep the blog going as it is a link to my past , the bygone days where I lived in Worcester , carefree with just myself supporting the little local clubs Droitwich  , Perrywood and Archdales , the latter 2 the blog has outlived . The numbers viewing the blog vary as well , probably on a average day around 25 views sometimes down to 5 while other days its 100 plus.  It can feel like I am talking to myself a lot of the time but I carry on because I know some people do visit regularly. For around 5 years or so I had a person I corresponded with a fellow blog runner Jon aka ‘ West Midland Traveller’ , he ended his blog in February and promptly disappeared , if your alive jon give us a shout.  I am still leaning towards keeping the blog going into its 7th year if the support is there for it.




Best Ground

Has to be Edgar Street hasn’t it , home of Hereford United . I visited on a Novembers day last year as they beat Bideford 2-1 , the game was frankly desperate but really liked the ground. I stood behind the goal with the ‘Ultras’ with lots of singing and chanting.


Best Match

Probably not one you would expect but for sheer entertainment , Springvale Park Steelers 6-6 draw with the Shere Punjab Jacks in the Beacon League Cup on a Sunday Afternoon. Goals throughout and never knowing who was going to come out on top.


Worst Match

Couple of candidates but im going to go with the game I saw at Team Dudley in February . very tedious and extremely cold, we didn’t even hang around for the extra time


Most Memorable day

I will choose 2 for this , firstly my coach trip to Colwyn Bay , getting there 75 minutes early and somehow being 15 minutes late, as soon as the bus landed my friend and I headed for the seafront but then walked to far to the town and had to run back up the hill on a very hot day.  My second is my Coach trip to Blyth Spartans , never been that far North before, very good ground, got in for free what more could you ask for but the 16 hour was quite tiring.


Hopes for the next season

I always try to set a few grounds out but how many I do is another question but my few ill set out now

  1. Mangotsfield United
  2. Bristol Rovers
  3. Torquay United
  4. Slimbridge
  5. Shepshed Dynamo
  6. Derby County
  7. Caersws




About adjithegroundhopper

im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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