Game 14 – Romulus 2 Walsall Wood 3 27/7/2017

Walsall Wood came from behind to see off the Rom’s in a hard working display. This game took place at Romulus’s training ground Lindridge Road near Good Hope hospital in Sutton Coldfield. The weather was sunny and bright although once the sun disappeared it did go chilly.

Just two days before ,I had witnessed Wood beat Sikh Hunters and they started this game sluggish.  On 13 minutes, Romulus in the red strip took the lead as a ball over the top was flicked over the outrushing keeper. It was 2-0 on 15 minutes, a cross from the right was met with a scuffed volley which the keeper saved but the loose ball was tapped in.

Wood got themselves back in it, a cross from the left was backheaded in on 28 minutes. Wood were rejuvenated by substitute Boyce who worked hard. The second half saw Romulus fade away as they fell behind on 77 minute’s a through ball slipped through the defence and the striker fizzed a low shot from 10 yards. Now on the front foot, Wood had the confidance to shoot from 30 yards and somehow the ball flew in for a great goal. Romulus were wasteful and and pretty whiney to the referee. Wood were the same taking out their frustrations on the linesman and referee , the linesman had to tell them to grow up.

Admission – £3   Attendance – 20 h/c


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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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