Game 16 – QE Hospital 3  Peter Withe XI 8 30/7/2017

Today after work, I visited Coles Lane for a charity game. My original plan had been Crewe but decided against it at the last minute due to lack of available funds so did this ground for the umpteenth time.

The game was in aid of a chap who had lost his leg playing five a side and the visitors brought a few players of note Lee Hendre and his brother Stuart, Darren Byfield, Richard Sneekes and Daryl Burgess.  Tony Daley, Tony Morley and Gary Shaw were all seen around the dugout. 

The QE in the white took the lead after 3 minutes slotting beyond Jenkins . It took until the 20th minute for Lee Hendre to curl a shot in for the equaliser. The PW team went 2-1 up through a shot before Byfield scored a penalty. 

On 29 minutes  ex west Bromwich Daryl Burgess strruck a volley from the right. One minute later, Hendrie scored the goal of the game with a fine lob. After half time, QE squeezed a shot into the bottom left.

PW went 6 2 up, Byfield’s shot was saved but the rebound was stuck in. Byield then hashed a penalty instead of shooting he tried to pass it and messed it up. QE got another with a simple rolled shot. The final 2 goals went to the PW team , after the ball was squared across the box there was a easy tap in and the final goal came after a QE defender completely missed his challenge, a grateful player struck.

Admission – £4      Attendance – Around 100


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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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