Game 19 – KGB All stars 0 Panthers United 10 17/8/2017

Last night I went to watch KGB once again in another dismal horror show. My old pal Leighavfc is now assistant manager of KGB and is now regretting taking up the role. 

KGB have lost most of their squad from last season and are extremely inexperienced. Their opposition last night were a new side Panthers United who were much bigger, skillful and better than anyone KGB had. As I have been in work everyday at 3am I only stayed until half time when it was 4-0 the other 6 were shipped in the second half.

Panthers in the red took the on 2 mins whipping in a free kick off the post. It was 2-0 on 11 minutes a cross from the left met by a poor header. It was 3 0 on 24 minutes from a defence splitting long ball that was fired far corner the fourth was from a goalkeeping error.  I left at half time to get some shut eye.

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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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