Game 37 –  Coventry United 3  Highgate United 5 18/10/2017

What a joke tonight was , getting to the destination at 7.48 and not getting into the game until the 29th minute of the game.  Frankly, the postcode does not take you to the ground but to a dump 5 minutes away. While there i got cut up twice by 2 prats with no insurance no doubt, once getting through that the road signs directing me to the ground then dried up causing me to miss the ground and ended up in a rabbit Warren estate that resembled the one in TV show bread. Badly signposted as well .

After driving I finally found some floodlights taunting me behind the houses but found every way to them blocked. On finding my way out  at 8.10 I was about to give up hope when i finally found the Butts Arena and they still stung me for £5 if this game had finished 1 1 I i would have been extremely annoyed,I told the gate man about what a joke it had been and getting lost round the back and his reply was ” I know it’s shit ain’t it” certainly is pal. This game was in the Birmingham Senior cup.

The ground I can’t knock, very good set up. Very large stand down the one side and a mini stand the far side. I was rather miffed to have missed 2 goals as it was 1 1 when I arrived.  As soon as I arrived though United scored with a low shot that took a deflection off the defender and deceived the keeper.

Highgate battled well in their horrific pink kit and scored a cracking effort on 42 minutes with a fine strike into the top corner before turning the game on its head with a overhead scissor kick on 43 minutes. 

Highgate continued to be string in the seconday half and United argued and bickered throughout the half. Highgate forced a corner, the inswinging ball nodded in, in almost slow motion. United forced a rare a track cutting in from the right before dinking the ball over the driving keeper.  Immediately Highgate, went down the other end and smashed a fierce drive from the edge of the box for 5-3 . In the end it was a decent game just the start soured the evening.

Admission – £5  Attendance -100ish

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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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