Game 50 – Norton Canes 1 FC Premier 18 19/11/2017

Yes the score you are reading above is correct,  do not adjust your screen. The biggest scoreline I have ever seen happened this afternoon. This came in the Beacon League saw mid table FC Premier pulverise a desperate Norton side.

Norton in the blue, came into this losing every game of the 10 so far today and had shipped 108 goal’s so I had a good feeling about choosing this game. It took place at Heath Hayes park near Cannock, a simple parkland venue. Norton are a strange side, with a age range of 10 to 55 yes you heard me right.

Norton took a shock lead on 6 minutes sweeping in from 12 yards but it was as good as it got for them . They them subbed a player and brought on theit manager who was in his 50’s. Premier scored 3 in 3 minutes starting on 17 minutes, putting in a tap in. On 18 minutes, it was 2-1 after the keeper saved the loose ball was put in. On 19 minutes, it was 3 1 from another tap in.

Premier made it 4 1 hitting a low shot from a tight angle and 5 1 from a scuffed volley.  It was then 6 1, a through ball was chipped over the keeper and the final goal of the half was on 44 minutes came from a turn and fire into the bottom corner.

The onslaught continued second half and something I have never seen before happened,  a player wanted to come off and they beckoned a child to come on and no kidding he was about 10 , the referee was asking questions but Norton assured him he was OK to play. It was 8 1 when a ball from the right was swept in. Then 9 1 sticking out a leg to convert a right wing cross. Then it was 10 1 shooting into the far bottom corner.

It was 11-1 shooting into the bottom right and 12 1 the keeper coming out before the ball cannoned off him. Then it was  13-1 charging in from the left before shooting low. The fourteenth  came after the defender blocked but the loose ball was finished. It was 15 1 shooting high from a left wing cross before the 16th rolling in a low effort.  The goal whoring continued wits a great lofting shot on the turn and the final goal came with a low strike. Norton truly are awful.

Attendance – 9


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