Game 54 – Sandwell Action 2 AFC Vale 1 3/12/17

Today, I took in this afternoon game in the Beacon League. The venue was Farley Park in West Bromwich, a fairly small park with limited appeal. Where the pitch is there is a small skate park and overshadowed by high rise flat’s and a cemetery to the side.

I didn’t realise until I got there that Vale are the Steelers who I saw last season.  The game was pretty pants in truth but Sandwell’s manager ‘Ash’ came up to me and asked who I was here to watch , I said both I’m a groundhopper,  he said so you don’t know anyone and I said no I go around the grounds to which his eyes glazed over. 

Sandwell in the pink took the lead on 30 minutes walking in a tap in. For me the game will be remembered for the punch up that happened in the second half  , apparently Sandwell player had struck someone first the number 5 of Vale we think ballistic.  Vales manager then went mad running at him with shouting  everytime we play you you do this. I then witmessed ‘Ash’ get shoved in the face by Vales number 4. The result was Sandwell and Vale both lost there original players who started the trouble. Vales player then took his top off and decided to pursue the Sandwell player who was getting changed and decided to aim half baked swings towards him before screeches of black Country tones of leave him he ay worth it. It was all rather unpleasant and I can’t say I was to upset when Sandwell scored another burying a shot after a cross from the left.

With the last kick of the game, Vale scored heading in from a corner and full time wax blown.

Attendance – about 12

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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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