Game 10 – Birmingham Tigers 0 Inkberrow 1 18/8/2018

Inkberrow scraped past the Tigers in a dreadful encounter at the Hadley Stadium. Not my intended choice at all as I had planned a new ground at Stone but the Mrs stole my sat nav so I had to put up with this.

Tigers have just moved here, and this was my first game I have seen here for a few years since Mahal played here. One thing of annoyance, you can’t access it from the road as they lock both doors, in the end I found the car park gates shut, tried my luck and forced the gate open , not very welcoming. Once inside though, they are making a effort , with a enthusiastic match day announcer. They were also offering face painting to children.

The game though, is already a candidate for worst game of the season with a around a mere 4 artempts on goal , 1 on target. Inkberrow in the yellow, were the better team and they were dire. I was told to get off the running track by the match day announcer over the microphone despite others being on there. One of the tigers said it was at the referees request and they could be fined.

Ex- Droitwich player Nathan Davies scored the only goal with a rising strike from 18 yards. The only other chances was a 3 on one that Davies managed to spoon onto the side netting and a shot that the keeper saved. There was one final piece, when Tigers keeper let the ball roll under his foot and watched in horror as it bounced off the post. All in all , this will not live long in the memory.

Attendance – 30

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