Game 13 – W L V Sport 0 Lane Head 2 25/8/2018

This was the back up plan, plan A was to see Oldbury United st the Thimblemill Rec in Smethwick. I headed over there as it would of been a new ground by only found cricket being played at 3pm nothing on their twitter and full time said it was a 3pm there at the Thimblemill . Bloody joke again so in the end I ended up at another revisit to Wolverhampton Uni Walsall campus.

This game in the Midland League three between two newcomers Sport and Lane Head ( in the yellow) I ended up missing about 25 minutes and a goal but after asking someone how the goal was scored apparently the keeper made a error, the ball hung in the air and was nodded in .

I don’t know anything about either side I’m afraid to say . W L V look like students out of the Uni but I’m not sure, they were desperately poor this afternoon, a few had some tricks but they were no match for the hard slides of Lane who went to ground at any opportunity.

The only goal I saw cane when the ball was nodded down in the area and the ball was fiercely struck into be top left corner. All in all not where I wanted to be , no new ground either so bit disappointing.

Attendance – 21 h/c

About adjithegroundhopper

im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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2 Responses to Game 13 – W L V Sport 0 Lane Head 2 25/8/2018

  1. Simon David Burgess says:

    You don’t have much luck with your games do you Adji?

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