Game 51 – Lane Head 3 Feckenham 0 22/4/19

Lane Head beat an ineffectual Feckenham outfit in a lacklustre encounter. I headed here after work on this Bank Holiday Monday with the weather fine and going from work it had to be a local game.

This game in the Midlands League two saw two lower table sides (10th and 11th) go head to head. The game took place at the Red Lion ground in Bloxwich , formally home of Bloxwich United.

The ground is getting more rundown every time I visit, with the stand behind the goal now closed to the public due to it falling to bits, ground is now shut off on 3 sides and very neglected which is such a shame . Entry here is through the clubhouse £4 with a half decent programme chucked in. I’m pretty sure Lane Head are the new incarnation of the old Rostance Edwards club, same kit and ground are used.

Feckenham in the green started the stronger and hit the bar early on but found themselves behind on 23 minutes, when their keeper misjudged a dropping ball , the loose ball was rolled in. The second half saw Feckenham’s keeper injured after being clattered by his own player, a outfield sub went in between the sticks and his first job was saving a penalty.

Lane heads second goal was quality, getting the ball to the byline before crossing it for a stooping header into the top corner from 8 yards. The final goal saw a ball down the middle latched onto before trying to lop the outrushing keeper, the ball bounced off the keepers shoulder before bobbling in. I did enjoy the game but it had an end of season , I can’t be arsed attitude especially from Feckenham.

Admission – £4 Attendance – 30ish mainly partners and kids

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im a young groundhopper from the west midlands
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