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Im adji , i watch football at different locations .If you follow my blog then you shall see where i have been on my travels .I just love to watch football ,its all fun for me .I do revisit grounds though im am in no way a real statto in that sense i just go where my mood takes me and enjoy what i do.

I live in Birmingham now after living in Worcester for four years now so i mainly stick to just Midlands football but sometimes i will go further afield ie Clevedon Town .I watch football in Birmingham area mostly but of course even if you groundhopped your whole life you will never do every football ground.

The first football match i ever went to was Birmingham City 3 Stoke City 1 on a freezing cold night back in 1993, i believe Birmingham were bottom of the league then to , they were the days of Louie Donowa, Steve Claridge, Andy Saville etc.

I always read up about Non league football but never actually delved into it until about 2002, when me and my brother and a few mates went to Sutton Coldfield Town V Weston Super Mare , i think the score was 3-0 and Weston got promoted that year. For a while i did follow Sutton but then i started watching Rushall to . As soon as i learnt to drive though i was off further afield .. teams not to much further at first .. Walsall wood, pelsall, Continental Star but now go much further afield, it has now become something i enjoy to do just go and watch football. It used to be i really want to play football but now i just can’t be bothered and decided to channel those energys into watching football instead.

Here’s to another season of ground hopping !

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  1. Graham Perkins says:

    Is it Ok to copy this onto the Bromyard website http://www.bromyard.info?

  2. Phil says:

    Good spot with Paul Hall at the weekend Adji. I’m the chap in the photo whose calf is about to be stood on by Paul’s studs :-). A tad harsh suggesting that both our big fella’s goals were bobblers, but I’m sure he won’t mind. For the record, their first goal (from Paul Hall’s cross) was an OG as our chap deflected it in after the backheel-flick-thing. Anyhow, good work with the match report! Keep it up.

  3. Hi Adji. I have been a keen viewer of your blog for a while now, and have seen you comment on a few of my games at Bromsgrove Sporting. I have now decided to do my own football blog, in part inspired by you, with something a bit different, about the games i play in, oppositions, facilities, as well as the non-league circuit, sunday league and professional debates. Please share my blog and i hope to see you soon 🙂 thanks Chrisi.

    • Brilliant ! Its always nice to know that someone has enjoyed the blog. I hope you keep enjoying it and hope you enjoy doing your own blog. I would like to get to more games but i have a baby coming in march so money and time is hard for me at the moment but when and where i still go to games and write on my blog and for you as a player must be very exciting .i look forward to following your blog and keep in touch.


  4. Mike says:

    Only just seen this, I run and play Junction 7. Loved the little write up, your welcome to come to a game anytime and down the pub after!

  5. Hi adji,
    i am chairman of bilston town fc, playing in the West Midland Regional League. i wonder if you could contact me via my e.mail address – graham_hodson@hotmail.co.uk
    regarding an idea we have at the club that you might be able to help us with.
    thank you.
    Graham, Hodson

  6. hi adji, i am chairman of bilston town fc, playing in the west midlands regional league, i wonder if you could contact me regarding an idea i have that might interest you? graham hodson

  7. Steve Durham says:

    Hi Adji
    Thank you for attending AFA games. It is interesting to read “an outsiders” view of our games and teams. As you know we are the “bottom rung” of the ladder although not quite “jumpers for goalposts” not far away!! If you ever wish us to send you any details of the AFA past or present do not hesitate to contact us. Our details can be found on http://www.birminghamafa.co.uk
    Good luck for next season – Steve Durham – Chairman AFA.

    • Thanks Steve , all feedback is appreciated . I have enjoyed what I have seen in the AFA and will definitely be back for more next season. AFA games provide decent entertainment for next to nothing and easily bulk out a hoppers total for the season.

      All the best


  8. James_Smith_101 says:

    Hey i am new to your blog and interested to see that Boldmere St Michaels on your list as it was the first non-league ground i visited

    Kind Regards

  9. Hi Adji,
    Big fan of the blog – come across it today and read all of this season in one sitting.
    Check out my blog if you’re looking for something not too dissimilar

    • Hi Nicky

      Thanks for the kind words , this season has been a little slower than usual , its hard work when you have a 2 year old and work nights but I enjoy what I do . I will check your blog out now. Keep at it.


  10. Hi Adji,

    I saw a post you placed on a website about the Ground in the Ronnie Barker tribute. It was an EPISODE called Spanners Eleven which is part of the Seven of One Barker pilot episodes airing in 1973. Yep, that’s my birth town of Edgware and that’s the Whote Lion Ground 🙂 100%. It didn’t change that much before the team folded in around 2008. Same fence behind the goal, same grass hills and same steps behind the other goal 🙂 Even the same pathway next to the stand. I watched our boys win the treble there in 2007 maybe it was!!! They also used Edgwares ground in the 90s for Fantasyy Football League recreation moments 🙂

  11. Hi there as programme editor for Squires Gate FC (NWCFL) and after recently reading your blog, I just wondered if you’d be interested some questions about your groundhopping adventures for our programme. We’d send you a complimentary one free of charge!

    Contact us if so – haydendan@live.co.uk

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